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    Are EBSCO e-Books Included in Primo Search Results?

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    Are EBSCO e-books included in Primo search results?


    Content indexed by EBSCO can be made accessible via Primo in the following ways:
    (Only content activated in Primo Central will be included in search results)

    * Primo Central - EBSCO has chosen not to contribute content to the Primo Central Index (PCI). However, most article and some e-book content indexed by EBSCO is also indexed by other providers who do cooperate with Ex Libris and our mutual customers by contributing content to the PCI ("alternative coverage"). Access to this material can be achieved by activating these alternative coverage collections for searching in Primo Central. Delivery of the full text content is handled by SFX, Alma, or other link resolvers, allowing delivery to occur via the library’s actual subscription provider, whether that provider is EBSCO and another provider.

    * EBSCO API - EBSCO now supports e-books collections in its API. These would have to be added to both the EBSCO EITWS Admin area and the third-node.xml on the Primo Server. However, specialty databases such as Auto Repair Reference Center are still not supported in the API.

    * MetaLib - If an EBSCO e-book resource is configured in MetaLib, a MetaLib category or QuickSet can be offered for search via Primo.

    Additional Information

    For more information, please see these documents via the Ex Libris Customer Center ( at Documentation Center > Primo Central > Primo Central Indexing > Primo Central Content:
    * * Primo Central Index Collection List – Alternative Coverage Analysis (e-books currently not covered)
    * * Statement regarding EBSCO content in PCI

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    Subject: Remote Search - Primo

    • Article last edited: 8/15/2014

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