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    vxws: E-Kiosk postings not included in fine/fee total

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2

    Issue number: 16384-20673
    Module: vxws / RESTful APIs
    Server platform affected: all
    Releases replicated in: 8.1.1 – 8.2.0
    Last version without bug: 8.1.0

    Expected results: Patron fine/fee postings with type E-Kiosk would be included in total fines/fees sent by APIs.

    Actual results: E-Kiosk postings are not included in the fines/fees sent by the Patron Circulation Actions – Debts API.

    Workflow implications: Patron fine/fee totals appear to be higher than they actually are in Primo and any other application that uses this API.

    Replication steps:
    1. In Circulation, find a patron with fines/fees. [example: patron has lost item fee of $10.00]
    2. Make two payments to these fines/fees:
    a. Payment 1 should have posting type “Payment” [$0.50]
    b. Payment 2 should have posting type “E-Kiosk” [$1.00]
    3. Note the patron fine/fee balance. [$8.50]
    4. Now log into Primo as the patron from step 1, or request patron fine/fee information from vxws with the API call:
    5. Note the patron fine fee total (finesum):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <institution id="LOCAL">
    <instName>Local Database</instName>
    <debt href="<patron_id>/circulationActions/debt/fines?institution=LOCAL&amp;patron_homedb=1@<db_key>">
    <finesum>USD 9.50</finesum>
    6. The E-Kiosk posting is not factored into the total.
    7. If you continue making API calls with the APIs returned, you will see that the E-Kiosk posting is returned with a value of 0.00
    <amount>USD 0.00</amount>
    <instName>Local Database</instName>

    Workaround: None.

    Fixed in Voyager 8.2.2.

    • Article last edited: 3/16/2015
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