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    Why does the Call Number Browse search retrieve strange results?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager

    If typing in a specific critieria on a call number, then the results don't pull back all items that should come up and/or brings you to the incorrect call
    number. Only happens on those records cataloged as Other" call numbers--using first indicator of 8 in the 852.

    When a CALL+ (Mfhd Call Number Browse) search is done, Voyager tries to normalize it to each call number type until it finds a call number that is a close match.

    It tries to normalize the call number according to different types' rules, and does so in this order:
    Library of Congress
    Su Doc

    The first call number type it normalizes against successfully (i.e. is the closest match) will be the index type used to normalize & retrieve first set of results

    To get around this:
    * Add ‘Other’ Call Number index (MOTH) to WebVoyage
    * The same can be done for any of the other indexes (e.g MSUD).
    * In Cataloging, use the Call Number Type Filters.

    • Article last edited: 3/11/2015
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