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    Why can't I see overdue charges via Outstanding Fines window?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All


    • Why can't I see overdue charges via the Outstanding Fines window in Circulation?
    • An item cannot be deleted because it has outstanding fines, but when I click the Charged To button in the item record, it doesn't show me the patron.


    • Fines are not created in the system until the item is either discharged, or a certain number of days overdue (when the system applies the Lost-System Applied status and calculates appropriate fines/fees).
    • Once the item is discharged, the patron will no longer appear in the Charged To window, but will be displayed in the Outstanding Fines window until the fine is resolved.

    Additional Information

    Outstanding Fines for items that have been lost or discharged can be viewed from the item record in Circulation:

    1. Go to Circulation > Item > open item record
    2. Item > Outstanding Fines...

    "Outstanding Fines for this Item" window appears, and displays patron name, barcode, and total fine.


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