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    What logs should I be looking at? How do I interpret the messages within these l

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 6.5.3

    What logs should I be looking at? How do I interpret the messages within these logs?

    There are 3 logs of importance that you will want to monitor:
    /var/adm/messages ( log file that tracks hardware-related errors.)
    /m1/voyager/xxxdb/log/log.voyager (logs Voyager-related errors.)
    alert_LIBR.log (Oracle errors)LOG.VOYAGER: You will want to look out for the words, WARNING, ERROR, FAILURE, etc. in this log..

    Log.voyager will usually have alot of warnings" on a daily basis, related to failed searches and other minor details you usually don't need to be concerned about.
    (On the contrary, /var/adm/messages will have messages logged on a much lesser basis, and ERROR messages here almost always demand closer attention.)
    There's no way to define in and of itself, which message is crucial and which one isn't. All sorts of stuff is in there, and under normal circumstances none of it is crucial.
    It tells what has been going on when, which helps paint a picture of what was going on from the servers' perspective at any given time. The file is for troubleshooting,
    not as a preventative measure. If you have a problem, report it, and if we need to look at the log.voyager file, we will.

    /VAR/ADM/MESSAGES This log tracks hardware-related errors, like scsi failures, full disk-space, and the like. If Voyager is completely down, this is the first place you
    want to look. Call Support immediately if you observe any peculiar messages here. Error messages here demand immediate attention.

    The third log file to be concerned about is alert_LIBR.log. This tracks Oracle errors. To get to this log, do the following:
    cd $ORA_LOGmore alert_LIBR.logAgain, look for the following words in these logs: ERROR, WARNING, FAILURE, etc.
    It will take "practice" in figuring out which error messages are important and which ones are not."

    • Article last edited: 3/6/2015
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