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    What keyboard shortcuts are available in Cataloging?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    What keyboard shortcuts are available in Cataloging?


    Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Options
    Shortcut Action
    Alt+r, h Display holdings
    Alt+r, m Display items
    Alt+r, a Display authorities
    Alt+r, w Display bib tree
    Alt+c Close bib tree
    Alt+r Retrieves all records highlighted on the bib tree
    Alt+r, s Search
    Alt+d, t Return to Titles Index
    Alt+d, h Return to Headings list
    Alt+[minus sign], t Next record (of multiple open records
    Alt+f, c Close active record
    Alt+f, o Close all open records
    Alt+r, b Retrieve by barcode
    Alt+r, i, b Retrieve by bib_id
    Alt+r, i, h Retrieve by mfhd_id
    Alt+r, i, i Retrieve by item_id
    Alt+r, i, a Retrieve by auth_id
    Alt+r, n, b Create new bib record
    Alt+r, n, a Create new auth record
    Alt+r, r, Alt+n Create new mfhd record
    Alt+r, t Create new item record
    Alt+r, c Copy record
    Alt+r, p, n Import record from new file
    Alt+r, p, v Import record from previous file
    Alt+r, v Save record to database
    Alt+f, t, n New template
    Alt+f, t, e Edit template
    Ctrl+A Save As
    Ctrl+B Save to database
    Ctrl+C Copy
    Ctrl+D Diacritic Mode
    Ctrl+E Diacritic Entry
    Ctrl+G Global Headings Change
    Ctrl+H Validate Heading
    Ctrl+K Verify 856 Link
    Ctrl+L Show Holdings Locations
    Ctrl+P Print Record
    Ctrl+Q Save to Database + Close
    Ctrl+S Save
    Ctrl+U Insert URL from browser
    Ctrl+V Paste
    Ctrl+X Cut
    Ctrl+F4 Close open window
    Keyboard Shortcuts Within MARC Records
    Shortcut Action
    Alt+l Open LDR
    Alt+6 Open 006
    Alt+7 Open 007
    Alt+8 Open 008
    Ctrl+l (with cursor in 852 subfield b) Display valid locations
    Ctrl+x Cut text
    Ctrl+c Copy text
    Ctrl+v Paste text
    Alt+[minus sign], n Minimize record window
    Alt+[minus sign], x Maximize record window
    Alt+[minus sign], r Restore minimized window
    Alt+r, y View record history

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