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    What goes in voyager.ini file?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2


    I installed the Voyager clients for the first time; what values should be updated?


    Each Voyager client has its own stanza in the voyager.ini file. Within each stanza are 3 values:
    * Server=
    This is the IP address or hostname of your Voyager server. This value will be the same for every stanza.
    * Port=
    This is the server port the client uses to communicate with the Voyager server.
    * Timeout=
    This is the value, in seconds, for client communication timeouts. It is set to 60 by default.

    After you upgrade, you may need to update the Server= and Port= values to reflect the IP and port series for your Voyager server and database instance.

    Additional Information

    Some additional stanzas in the file include
    * [GlobalLog]
    Contains additional variables, such as those to enable single login and client encryption (must also be enabled on the server)
    * [E-mail]
    This stanza is used if you send email notices with Reporter.
    * [Upgrade]
    This stanza is used if you employ AutoUpdate (for Voyager 8.0.0 and higher; see Technical User's Guide)

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    • Article last edited: 5/29/2014
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