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    WebV: pipe symbol in my_opac_preferences.search_preferences causes problems

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0

    Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-17665
    Module(s): WebVoyage
    Release(s) replicated in: 8.1.0

    Expected results: Patrons would be able to change their search preferences in the OPAC and log in without issue.

    Actual results: If WebVoyage is configured and patrons save preferences in such a way as to store a pipe symbol in MY_OPAC_PREFERENCES.SEARCH_PREFERENCES with nothing else, they receive errors when logging in to the OPAC and a WebVoyage System Error when trying to edit search preferences.

    Workflow implications: Patrons receive errors because there is a problem with their search preferences, but cannot edit their preferences to resolve the problem.

    Replication steps:
    In, turn off the option to let patrons set a number of results per page in their search preferences:

    # My Account Preferences - display e.g. number of records on a page
    # set preference to Y to display the preference choice

    In WebVoyage, log in with a patron that has not set their OPAC preferences.
    Go to My Account and click Edit Preferences.
    Do not select any search page options. Just click Save.
    By not selecting a search page option or have a results per page option to choose from, only a pipe symbol | is written to MY_OPAC_PREFERENCES.SEARCH_PREFERENCES.
    Log out. Now log back in. You will be shown a message similar to “You may not have entered your institution id and name correctly. Retry your request or ask for help at the Circulation or Reference Desk.” But if you look in the upper right corner, you will see that you are now logged in.
    Navigate to My Account and click Edit Preferences. Receive WebVoyage System Error.

    Workaround: Enable the results per page option for My Account Preferences – this will always store a default value in MY_OPAC_PREFERENCES.SEARCH_PREFERENCES even if the patron saves preferences without choosing options.

    Other information: Open a Support Incident via eService with Voyager Support to request data clean up for patrons with this problem. You will need to enable the results per page option in My Account Preferences before any cleanup can be completed.

    Fixed in WebVoyage for 8.2.0.

    • Article last edited: 3/7/2015
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