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    VOY: http POST of non-bib records results in error or incorrect record in WebV

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.0.3

    Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-16834

    Module(s): Cataloging, Circulation, Acquisitions
    Release(s) replicated in: 7.x - 8.0.0

    Expected results: Only records that will display in WebVoyage will be allowed to be sent with Send Record To function in Cataloging, Circulation & Acquisitions.

    Actual results: Holdings & Authority records give the option to Send Record To WebVoyage in Cataloging and Circulation, but WebVoyage only displays bib records. The resulting record display is incorrect in Tomcat, and rejected in Classic (see error below).

    Workflow implications: Confusing for operators.

    Replication steps:
    In the voyager.ini file on the PC, set up the MARC POSTing stanza with the data needed to send records to WebVoyage.
    In Cataloging:
    Open a holdings or authority record.
    In Record menu, choose Send Record To > WebVoyage.
    In Circulation:
    Open an Item record
    In Item menu, choose View MARC Holdings, and from the record display click the Send Record To button.
    In Acquisitions:
    Under Check-In > Serial Check-In, search for a check-in record.
    In the results list along the top of the check-in page, highlight a title and click on the ellipsis in the right side of the Holdings field.
    Choose MARC … from the box that appears to bring up the record display, and from the record display click the Send Record To button.

    Results in all modules:
    In Tomcat WebVoyage: Record ID will be sent to WebVoyage and WebVoyage will display the bib record that matches the record ID, rather than the mfhd or authority record that matches.
    In Classic WebVoyage: Receive message: “HTTP Status Code 400 - Bad Request
    The posted MARC record did not contain a bibliographic record id so it is not available in Webvoyage.”

    Workaround: Find the related bib record and send the bib ID to display in WebVoyage.


    • Article last edited: 3/16/2015
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