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    UC/UB:Records Random Selected even though db not UB

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 2001.2

    Bug Report for Issue # 17247

    Module: UC/UB
    Other Modules that are affected or might have an affect:sysadminsvr, webvoyage.cgi, circsvr
    Release(s): replicated and reported in 2001.2 (do not have a UC/UB db in Support on Unicode)
    Server Platform(s) affected: Solaris (ALL)

    Expected Results:
    In the UC via SysAdmin you identify a database as being eligible for UB with a radio button on the
    Database Definition page. This allows it to be part of the Random Selection process when placing
    a UB Request. If a Library is closed or not available for UB, I have gone in and unclicked the radio
    button for that Library to take it out of the Random Selection process.

    Actual Results:
    After running setting the UC (the LOCAL db) as a ub_db for the UB Request Form, we now see any
    database attached (via MFHD) to a record in the UC that has been defined in its Local database as
    UB eligible is being "randomly" selected for UB - even though the Database Definition for that database
    in the UC is not designated for UB.

    Workflow implications:
    Can place UB Requests on items for db's that are not UB eligible.

    Replication steps:
    Testing in excalibur
    On the ucdb (set as ucat and ub in global_parm)
    ub_db=Y in voyager_databases for LOCAL
    TurnOffLibraryDropDown=N in opac.ini
    Item (Title=Ducky) at RSCC, DMADB, gwcc
    Patron's Home=voycoldb
    gwcc not marked as UB db in voyager databases
    Logged into UC using Voycoldb barcode (bc=ub, LN=borrower)
    Library auto selected was Mayer (dmadb).
    When clicked on Library dropdown (to select a different library to place the request on), able to
    select and place a UB request for gwcc (even though not checked as a ub db)

    Other information:
    Information on "Random Selection" From page 10-3 of the 1.2 UB doc:
    "Question: When the UB Request form displays, the Library drop-down may
    include one or more libraries (see Figure 10-4). How is that list populated?
    Figure 10-4. Library and Copy fields on UB Request form in WebVoy?ge
    Answer: It depends on whether or not you have the lock down option activated in
    [UB_Page] stanza of the opac.ini file. If you have the lock-down variable
    set to No, the system randomly selects a library from all the libraries which
    own a copy of the item.

    The randomly-selected library displays first on the list followed alphabetically by any other libraries
    which owns a copy of the item."
    opacsvr @(#)VER: SUN02865/2001.2.1
    @(#)TIM: 2004/01/15 06:48:27
    circsvr @(#)VER: SUN02853/2001.2.1
    @(#)TIM: 2004/01/06 07:35:18
    sysadminsvr @(#)VER: SUN02843/2001.2.1
    @(#)TIM: 2003/10/17 16:17:17
    webvoyage.cgi @(#)VER: SUN02859/2001.2.1
    @(#)TIM: 2004/01/13 12:24:41

    Problem resolved in 7.2.2 Tomcat interface.[8/9/2010 10:45:37 AM Julie Bister]

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