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    OvL: "null" above field labels in IE9

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0

    Problem Symptoms:
    * In Request form in Primo using OPAC via Link (OvL), word "null" printed above field labels.

    Issue specific to OvL with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

    Not an issue for OPAC via Primo (OvP), or in other supported browsers/browser versions.

    Additional Information

    Workaround: Field labels in form are displayed in all browsers/browser versions. To display without "null", transition to OvP which uses different form; or use other supported browsers/browser versions where this display is not an issue.

    Category: Interoperability (Voy)

    Subject: Primo (Voy)

    • Article last edited: 12/3/2013
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