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    Media:Item Booking:Discharge:"Cannot set discharge time to a future time!"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.2.3

    Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-15457

    Module(s): Media Scheduling
    Server platform(s) affected: Solaris/all
    PC OS (if applicable): n/a
    Browser & version (if applicable): n/a
    Release(s): reported in 7.2.3; replicated in 5.0 – 8.0

    Expected results:
    Regardless of what time of day you attempt it, the valid discharge of a booking should be allowed without an error message, and have the correct time associated with the booking.

    Actual results:
    If you discharge a booking between the hours of 12-1pm, you will initially receive an error message stating ‘Cannot set discharge time to a future time!’. When you click through this, you get the Discharge Booking Media and Equipment pop-up box, but the Override Discharge Date/Time listed is 12 hours prior to the current time (i.e., if it’s 12:45pm, the time listed will be 12:45am).

    You can click OK on this screen to successfully discharge the booking.

    Workflow implications: Operators are confused and assume something is wrong and the booking cannot be discharged.

    Replication steps:
    Place a booking.
    Charge the booking out.
    Sometime in the hour between 12 and 1pm, try to discharge this booking – you’ll get the error messages. Note that if you do keep clicking OK, the booking will successfully discharge.

    Other information:
    This appears to happen based on the PC time, not the server time. If, say, the server time is slightly behind the PC time and is now 12:50pm while the PC time is 1:05pm, the problem will no longer happen.

    Workaround: Just keep clicking OK through the erroneous messages.


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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