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    Line item copy status and Line#/Status on PO screen are different


    Why are the statuses in the Copy tab of the Detailed Line Item and the Line#/Status status on the PO screen different?  Where are they stored in the database?


    The line_item_status, as used by FPC and defined in the database, comes from the Copy tab of the Detailed Line Item screen and is stored in the LINE_ITEM_COPY_STATUS table under line_item_status.  The status shown on the PO page under Line#/Status is a dynamic status not stored in the database.  If there are multiple copies on order for a line item and only 1 has been received, expect the Line#/Status to show "Received Partial".  If there is 1 copy on order and there has been 1 copy received, even if the PO is for a serial or subscription, the Line#/Status should show "Received Complete" although the line_item_status defined in the Copy tab will likely show "Received Partial".


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