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    In GHCQ, number bibs does not match number in Preview

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager

    In the Global Headings Change Queue (GHCQ), the number of bibliographic records under the Bibs column does not match the number of bibliographic records that are found when click Preview button.

    The counts don't reflect the exact number of records that will be changed. The number that appears under the Bibs column are the number of records that potentially could be changed.
    Catjob 11 will find bibliographic records that have headings that match the heading of the authority record exactly. Bibliographic records containing a name-title heading may be counted even though Global Headings Change may not be able to change them with Catjob 13.
    * Name authority record heading is updated.
    * One bibliographic record contains 100a that matches the authority heading.
    * Another bibliographic record contains a 700a that matches authority heading and also has subfield t with a title.
    Both bibliographic records will be found by Catjob 11. Only the bib record with the 100a will be changed.
    In the GHCQ, both will be counted in the Bibs column count.
    Only bib with 100a will appear in Preview.

    • Article last edited: 3/18/2015
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