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    How to use AutoUpdate to distribute different clients?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager


    How to distribute SysAdmin client to some users via AutoUpdate, but not others?


    Create separate AutoUpdate directory & path for those users:
    1. Connect via SSH to server as voyager user.
    2. cd /m1/voyager/clients/autoupdate
    3. cp -pr voyager sysadminResult : a new AutoUpdate directory called (in this example) sysadmin which is a copy of voyager AutoUpdate directory.
    4. cd sysadmin
    5. Edit update.txt to include \SysAdmin.exe and \SysAdmin.chm
    6. Ensure SysAdmin.exe and SysAdmin.chm are in sysadmin directory.
    7. cd ../voyager and ensure SysAdmin files are not included in update.txt for other users.
    8. Set [Upgrade] stanza in voyager.ini file on the PCs that will receive SysAdmin client so that it points to the new directory:
    Voyager=http://<user>:<password>@<server IP>:7099/autoupdate/sysadmin/

    Additional Information

    See Technical User's Guide, "[Upgrade] Stanza - Voyager 8 and Later"


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