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    How to set up basic serials check-in

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager

    How to set up serials check-in in Acquisitions

    1. Create PO, with PO type of Continuation.
    2. Add appropriate line item, along with price (if applicable), copies/funds. Line Item type should be Subscription.
    3. Click on Subscription Pattern and then click on New to add a component.
    4. Give component check-in title and appropriate component category--Basic, Supplementary or Index.
    5. Highlight the component and click Select.
    6. Choose a publication pattern (i.e., pattern template) from the drop-down menu. If there isn't one in the system which fits your item's pattern, you must add a new publication pattern. File>New>Publication Pattern.
    7. Start Prediction.
    8. Enter the necessary information for the first expected issue, including the date you expect it. Remember that this date indicates when it will be claimed (Pacqjob 1 must be run).
    9. Select OK. This generates a pattern for checking in your subscription.

    To check in your title:
    1. Click the Serials Check-In and enter your check-in title.
    2. Choose component from search results
    3. Highlight issue received and click Check-In.

    • Article last edited: 3/4/2015
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