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How to include holdings information at the end of the staff view in WebVoyage


This guide demonstrates how to modify WebVoyage to add holdings information for a bib, as appears on the record view page, to the end of the staff view page.


  • Add holdings information to the end of the staff view page in WebVoyage:
  • - Create a new file displayStaffCfg.xml defining the display of holdings information for the staff view.
  • - Add a reference to displayStaff.xsl to include templates from the record view display.
  • - Modify cl_displayStaff.xsl to reference the newly created displayStaffCfg.xml file.
  • - Modify cl_displayStaff.xsl to call a template to include holdings information at the end of the staff view.


File paths for this procedure will be referenced from '/m1/voyager/XXXdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/<skin name>/xsl/".  It is strongly recommended to backup all files modified in the course of this procedure so that changes may be easily reversed if problems arise and cannot be quickly resolved. It is also strongly recommended to implement these changes in sandbox skin before copying changes to a production skin.

Create "displayStaffCfg.xsl"

  1. Create ./contentLayout/configs/displayStaffCfg.xml by making a copy of ./contentLayout/configs/displaycfg.xml:
cp ./contentLayout/configs/displaycfg.xml ./contentLayout/configs/displayStaffCfg.xml
  1. Open ./contentLayout/configs/displayStaffCfg.xml in a text editor.
  2. Locate the <display> tag; remove/modify any <displayTags> tags to suite the desired display of holdings or other information at the end of the staff view.
  3. To include only holdings information, only a single <displayTags> containing a single <displayTag> referencing field 9000 is required e.g.:
    <displayTags label="Holdings Information" notFound="No holdings available - check at the Circulation Desk.">
        <displayTag field="9000"/>
  1. Save and exit displayStaffCfg.xml

Update "DisplayStaff.xsl"

  1. Open ./displayStaff.xsl in a text editor
  2. Locate the "Specific Imports" section, and add the following:
<xsl:include href="./contentLayout/cl_displayRecord.xsl"/>
  1. Save changes to this file and exit.

Modify "cl_displayStaff.xsl"

  1. In a text editor, open ./contentLayout/cl_displayStaff.xsl
  2. Locate the section "Our Document Holders" and locate the following line containging:
<xsl:variable name="Config" select="document('./configs/displaycfg.xml')"/>
  1. Replace this line with the following:
<xsl:variable name="Config" select="document('./configs/displayStaffCfg.xml')"/>
  1. Locate the "MARC Data" segment of this file.
  2. This segment begins with a <xsl:for-each> tag. Before the matching </xsl:for-each>, after the last closing </div>, add the following lines:
<!-- ## Bibliographic Data ## -->
<div class="bibliographicData">
    <xsl:call-template name="buildMarcDisplay">
        <xsl:with-param name="recordType" select="'bib'"/>
  1. Save and close this file.

Testing and Troubleshooting

  • - After implementing the above changes test the changes to ensure that both the record view and staff view are displaying correctly and as expected.
  • - If problems are encountered, /m1/voyager/XXXdb/tomcat/logs/catalina.out should provide clues as to the source of any problems.
  • - Use backup copies of edited files to roll back any changes resulting in issues which cannot be resolved quickly.
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