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    How to check Primo extract logs on Voyager server?


      Article Type: General

    • Product: Voyager

    • Product Version: 9


    Desired Outcome

    To monitor the health of the extract by regularly reviewing the logs and identifying any issues.


    1. On a regular basis, check the logs for the extract located in /m1/voyager/xxxdb/primo/Publishing/logs
    2. There should be a log file for every extract that is run.
    3. Check the most recent log on a regular basis to make sure the log shows a summary at the end

    ************************* START OF SUMMARY ***********************
    {{information on the number of records that were extracted here}}
    ************************** END OF SUMMARY ************************

    1. If an error accompanies or follows this summary, or the summary is missing, there may be an issue with the extract. Identify a few sample records changed the previous day, and check whether these were extracted and/or updated in Primo.
    2. If records deleted or updated in Voyager are not being deleted or updated in Primo, check the logs for both products to see whether there may be an issue with the Voyager extract or the Primo pipe.
    3. Open a Case if you are unable to identify or resolve the issue; include your example records, the name of the log file(s) you checked, and what you observed in the log(s) and in the Primo interface.

    Additional Information

    Activity on the Voyager server, including the extraact, is not part of Primo TotalCare services. See also Upgrading Voyager and also have Primo?


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