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    How are Fund Codes used in Embedded Order Data (EOD) via BulkImport?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2


    How are Fund Codes used in Embedded Order Data (EOD) via BulkImport?


    1. Intended location code is derived from the incoming bib (e.g. in a 9xx field) to find all ledgers with which that location is associated.
    2. Fund code found in the incoming bib (9xx field) is used if it exists; otherwise, default fund code defined in the Bulk Import Rule is used.
    3. Voyager finds all matching fund records based on associating the Fund Code and Ledger values already found in #1 and #2 above.
    4. Date hierarchy that controls funds is used to eliminate any funds not valid for today's date; dates are checked in fund record, parent fund, fiscal period, and ledger.
    5. If exactly one matching fund is found after all checks, line item is loaded.
    6. If no fund is found, BulkImport creates an error message in the log (which mentions the fund code); line item is NOT loaded.
    7. If two or more matching funds are found, BulkImport logs an error message with the fund code and ledger names; line item is NOT loaded.

    Additional Information

    Voyager requires fund codes used in EOD in BulkImport to be unique for a particular intended location as derived from the location code in the incoming bib.
    NOTE: even when line item is not loaded (not added to PO), bib record is still added to datab

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    • Article last edited: 4/17/2014
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