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    GDC: Scan to Exclude does not add records to set

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.0

    Problem Symptoms

    • Run Scan Job with Scan Rule set to Exclude records
    • No records added to record set


    "Exclude" means that records that meet the criteria for a rule with a consequence of Exclude will be excluded (i.e. not included) in the resulting record set.

    The use of this consequence would be to use it in the rule set that created the original record set, and exclude some records that otherwise would be included in the results. To filter a record set and create a new smaller record set, construct a rule set using a rule that defines the records to Include in the new record set.


    Essentially, in order to Exclude a record, it must first be Included in a set from which it can subsequently be excluded.


    Working as designed. Use include + exclude rule.

    1. First rule: include all records.

    2. Second rule: apply the exclude consequence to filter exclusions from final set.

    Additional Information

    Example: exclude all records with "apple" in title.

    1) IF record contains 001, then INCLUDE - this gives a set of records to start with.

    2) IF record 245 contains "apple", then EXCLUDE - this removes records from set retrieved by first rule.


    Final set: All records retrieved by first rule, excluding records with "apple" in 245.


    • Article last edited: 07-Jun-2016
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