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GDC: Delete All Records in a Hierarchy

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 9.0.0 and higher



How to delete related records (bib, holdings, and items) using Global Data Change (GDC)?


  1. Create a record set containing bibliographic or holdings records to be deleted.
  2. In Rules tab, create a Data Change Rule Set with a Data Change Rule that uses the record disposition consequence of "Delete All".
  3. Add the Data Change Rule Set to a Data Change Rule Set Group.
  4. In Job Management tab, submit Data Change Job with Record Set from step 1 and Rule Set Group from step 3.
  5. Review log and output files in View Running/Completed when job completes.

Additional Information

If related records such as circulation activity, purchase orders, fines/fees, etc., GDC does not delete the record and logs an error. Any blocks that prevent record deletion are logged.

See "Rules Generation" in the Global Data Change document for more information.

  • Article last edited: 02-Feb-2016
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