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Change which patron identifiers are used to log in to WebVoyage


This article describes how to change the log in type (e.g. barcode, institution ID, last name, or social security number) which are used by WebVoyage for user authentication.


Enable or disable available login types when authenticating in Web Voyage


1. Log in to the voyager server and open in a text editor.

2. Your file should be located at the following location, replacing xxxdb with your instance and [skin] with your production Voyager skin: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/[skin]/

3. Search for "page.logIn.loginType.

4. This segement displays characterisics for each login type resembling "page.login.loginType.[type].xxx="

5. Comment out each line reffering to a login type that should be made unavailebe.


Example. (Disabling ssn):


# At least one loginType must be defined, the others are optional and
# may be commented out.
page.logIn.loginType.instId.text=Institution Id
page.logIn.loginType.ssn.text=Social Security Number
page.logIn.lastName=Last Name:
page.logIn.logIn.label=Log in
page.logIn.homeLibrary.label=Home Library
page.logIn.briefId.label=ID Number
# use of the PIN is optional, this line will have no effect if option.usePIN=N
#==============================================================================# Identification Number
# use of the external authentication link is optional,
# this line will have no effect if option.extAuthSystemEnabled=N


6. To enable or disable the use of the PIN locate the following option in "option.usePIN="

7. To enable or disable the use of the pin change the setting for option.usePIN to Y or N resepctively.


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