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    CIRC/UB/CLUSTERS:patron not retrieved when barcode is entered in request window

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.0.1

    Issue 16384-2289
    Module: UB, Circulation, Circulation Clusters
    Release(s) replicated in: Voyager 7.0.1
    Server Platform(s) affected: Solaris
    Loss of functionality from: Voyager 6

    Expected Results: To be able to enter the barcode of a UB patron in the item request screen when feature is enabled.

    Actual Results: If you enter the barcode of a UB patron, the patron information fields are not filled in and you receive an error upon clicking save.

    Replication steps:
    1. In Circulation bring up an item.
    2. Click on the Place Request button.
    3. Enter the patron barcode of a UB Patron.
    4. No information is entered into the Patron Information box.
    5. The focus is set on the Hold radio button in the Request Type box
    6. Clicking OK results in ‘This remote patron can not be mapped at this time. Therefore this patron has no Universal Borrowing privileges’ error.

    Other information: Operators CAN search for patrons by clicking on the ellipses button at the end of the barcode field and add them to request that way.


    • Article last edited: 3/20/2015
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