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    BULK: Subfield override not finding match when matching fields in records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Matching 035 subfield 9 to incoming 019 subfield a in duplicate detection
    * When value of 035 subfield 9 matches 019 subfield a, but multiple 019 subfields a, no match found and record added instead of merged/replaced

    Multiple 019 subfields a are normalized into a single string, so will not match one subfield instance to the existing value.

    Discard & analyze any records meeting this criteria:
    1) In System Administration > Cataloging > Bibliographic Duplicate Detection > {duplicate detection profile} > Edit > Profile, check the box for "Discard incoming records that do not match existing records" which will write any records that do not find matches to a separate file on the server rather than adding them.
    2) After import review the file of records & decide how to proceed. Options may include:
    a) Separate 019 subfields a into separate 019 fields
    b) Manually merge records in the Cataloging client.
    c) If using Replace, import records and then use Overlay Bibliographic function in Cataloging client to overlay duplicates.

    Category: Batch jobs

    • Article last edited: 5/29/2014
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