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    ACQ: line item remains in list after add to invoice

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Line items not removed from list once added to invoice

    This behavior is the result of issue VYG-5960.

    VYG-5960 is resolved for Voyager 9.1.0 and higher.

    Additional Information

    Replication steps:
    1. In Acquisitions > Invoices > New Invoice enter required information.
    2. Click Save.
    3. Click Add Line from Order ...
    4. Search for Purchase Orders.
    5. Select PO with multiple line items.
    6. Click Display Line Items
    7. Select one line item.
    8. Click Append.
    9. Select Ledger and Fund.
    10. Click Save.
    11. When returned to list of line items, just-added line item still in list, though "Include Already Invoiced Line Items" is not checked.

    1. After appending line item, click "Display Orders"
    2. Highlight PO again and click "Display Line Items".
    Uninvoiced line items will display and the invoiced line item no longer appears in list.

    Category: Acquisitions - Voyager

    Subject: Voyager

    • Article last edited: 10/16/2014
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