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Ulrichsweb: Publisher Support for Ulrichsweb and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory -- January 2017

To submit new titles, update existing titles in Ulrichsweb, or any other support inquiries, please email title and ISSN to


Frequently Asked Questions:


What type of publications can be included in Ulrichsweb?

Any serials publications with ISSNs qualifies to be evaluated. Some consumer publications and academic/scholarly journals without ISSNs will be granted exception for based on editorial discretion.


How long does it take?

Title evaluation prioritization is as follows: Our library clients requested items will be processed first, ensued by titles in A&Is/Journal Citation Report/etc., and all other titles will be handled after. This will result in significant delays for some new titles into Ulrich's.


Does Ulrich’s provide certificate or confirmation letter for inclusion?

No, Ulrich’s does not have a certificate or confirmation letter for inclusion.


Will Ulrich’s supply a logo or authorize our images to be displayed to indicate inclusion in Ulrich’s?
No, Ulrich’s will not supply a logo nor authorize the use of our logo or images.


How do I get access to Ulrichsweb?
Ulrichsweb is a subscription database. Many university libraries provide free access to students/faculty. Please contact a major academic library near you and speak to a librarian about Ulrichsweb.


How do I subscribe to Ulrichsweb?
Please contact Ulrich’s global sales team for information regarding purchasing a subscription:


Does Ulrichsweb provide trial subscriptions?
Please contact our sales team: 


Can you provide me with a link to my title in Ulrichsweb?
Ulrichsweb is a subscription database. Currently there is no way to link directly to the title without user name/password.


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