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    Add an IP Address to Access Ex Libris Products Through Hosted Server Firewall

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    How to add an IP address to access Ex Libris products through hosted server firewall.


    1. Open Case in Support Portal with specific Ex Libris product support team.
    2. List the following information in your Case:
    • Source: IP address(es) that will need access through the hosted firewall
    • Destination: IP address and/or hostname of your hosted server
    • Ports: port(s) that Source IPs will be connecting to through the firewall
    1. Ex Libris Support  analysts will work with our Cloud teams to ensure the request is completed and will update when the work is complete or if additional information is required.

    Additional Information

    If unsure what the outgoing / Source IP is for a particular workstation, then, from that workstation, open a browser and go to - this will display the public IP for the workstation.


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