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    Summon: Book and E-Book Facet Behavior

    • Product: Summon

    How does the combined Book/E-Book Facet affect patron search results in the Summon service?

    The Book and E-Book facets are combined into a single facet as a step to provide accurate and easily discoverable full-text book and e-book searching.
    Full-text book searching begins with the merging of your catalog records with the full-text records from HathiTrust. This merging process allows patrons to search the words on the pages of books that are on your library's shelves in addition to the metadata from MARC records. This provides the patron a more relevant set of search results.
    In the example below, the library catalog record (book) for "Fractals Everywhere" was merged with and enhanced by the full text of the HathiTrust record (eBook) in the Summon Index:
    Summon Book/eBook Facet
    To limit results to electronic content only, a patron should select the Book/eBook facet and the Items with full text online filter.
    NOTE: As of September 2011, if your library is using custom search boxes and API queries that specify an individual facet value (book or e-book), those API queries will continue to work. Queries specifying individual facet values will be translated into the combined facet automatically with no changes or work required by your library.
    The Summon service also combines the Journal/E-Journal facet for the same reason.
    To limit results to print content only, a patron should select the Book/eBook facet and the Items in the library catalog filter. However, this won't work if your library sends us ebook records as part of your library catalog when we put it into Summon. In that case, another option is to work with us to add a "library location" facet for those print items. Then the patron could filter by, for instance, the new Print items facet as a library location. [Added Nov. 5, 2012]

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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