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    What is the FTP address for uploading the library's catalog to Summon?

    • Product: Summon
    • Product Version: any version



    What is the FTP address for uploading library content to Summon?


    The address for uploading updates, deletes and full loads is


    1. An FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP

    2. Username and Password (please contact us via the Support Portal to have this information resent if you do not have it)

    3. A file named properly per Summon: Catalog File Naming Convention

    To upload a file, enter:


    Port: 21 for basic FTP or 22 for SFTP

    Place file in appropriate directory: update, delete, or full

    Note: Updates and delete process automatically.  In case of a full load, please submit a case to Support so the file can go through the QA process and be loaded into the Summon Index.

    Additional Information


    Summon: Exporting Catalog Holdings - Uploading to Summon


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