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    Should the 'copy' or 'move' handling method be used in the submission format?

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    What is diferrence between the 'copy' versus 'move' handling method for the submission format?


    During ingest, SIPS are linked/copied/moved from operational_shared to deposit_storage, to operational_storage, to permanent_storage.
    The submission format’s "Handling method" determines whether the files needs to be deleted from the server when the deposit process is finished:
    1. Move: files are uploaded to Rosetta and deleted from the server.
    2. Copy: files are uploaded to Rosetta system but are not deleted from the server after ingest
    [Producers > Advanced Tools > Submission Format > Update Submission Format]
    Choosing 'copy' requires regular deletion of the contents of the following folders once the preservation master has been ingested into the permanent repository:
    1. /operational_shared/(see #3 below for cleanup)
    2. /deposit_storage/1-1000; deposit_storage/2001-3000, etc. (see #3 below for cleanup)
    It is not necessary to clean the /operational_storage/storage1 and /operational_storage/storage2 directories as they are maintained by the application, regardless.
    3. The customer's IT staff can setup a cron to clean out the /operational_shared/ sub-directories every 30 days (or any interval)
    To adjust the frequency of the clearing out of the deposit directory (if using “copy” in the submission format):
    Advanced Configuration > General > General Parameters: Deposit > delete_old_processes_older_than_days: 30
    The “delete_old_processes” job runs nightly.
    So if a change is made today, the results should be updated tomorrow.
    This process is controlled from the Manage Scheduled Jobs UI in administration.

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