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    How to deactivate self registration

    • Product: Rosetta


    Deposit General Paramenter self_registration (with true/false values) for local Rosetta authentication (default=true) was added in SP 5.2.

    If you didn't upgraded yet to SP 5.2 but still wants to deactivate the self registration you can manually edit the PDS login HTML and comment out the relevant section.

    Upgrading Rosetta SP won't over right the changes.


         <!-- <div class="register">
                                    <ul class="clearfix">
                                            <li class="clearfix">
                                                    <label class="registerMessage" for="username">I am new and want to register:</label>
                                                    <div class="registerButton">
                                                            <a class="registerText" target="_parent" href="" title="">Register</a>
                            </div>  -->


    <!-- <ul class="newRegister clearfix">
    <li><span>I am new and want to register:</span> <span class="buttonLink alignRight"><a  target="_parent" href="" title="">Register</a></span></li>
                            </ul> -->

    • Article last edited: 29-Dec-2016
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