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    Cleaning Apache Log Directories

    The script allows you to clean the Apache log directory by backing up and compressing the following log files:
    • access_log
    • access_log_ssl
    • error_log
    • error_log_ssl
    This script is located under the following directory (be_bin), where <r> indicates the release in which Primo was initially installed and <c> indicates the Primo copy:
    To execute the delete Apache log script:
    1. Log on to the server as the primo user.
      If your environment redirects Apache to port 80, you will need to log on as the root user to run the script. To log on as the root user, enter su and then enter the password of the root user when prompted.
    2. Enter the following command to move to the directory that contains the log script:
    3. Enter the following command to run the script:
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