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    Clean Database Scripts

    The following scripts are used to clean data from Primo sites:
    •—This script deletes the indexes, which is the first step of re-indexing from scratch. For more information, see Re-Indexing the Database.
    •—This script deletes the PNX database and indexes, but does not delete dedup IDs and user-generated content (including tags, reviews, e-Shelf, and statistics). This script is intended for sites that are in production and need to re-create the PNX database and re-index from scratch. For more information, see Deleting and Re-Indexing the Database.
      Following the execution of the command, pipes can take longer to run.
    •—This script deletes the entire database, including all user-generated data, indexes, and dedup IDs. It is intended for Primo sites that are switching to production, so that they can start with a clean database.
    All of the scripts are located and executed from the be_bin directory. A log file is created for each script under the same directory, using the following naming convention:
    To run a script, enter the following commands:
    // feedback widged