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    Primo Sandbox

    The Primo sandbox environment is designed to provide a means for you to develop, test, and train without making your changes seen by patrons and without compromising the data in your production environment.
    The Primo sandbox environments are completely isolated from your Primo production environment so that any actions performed in the sandboxes do not affect your production environment and any actions performed in your production environment do not affect the sandboxes.
    As part of Primo’s standard offering, Ex Libris provides a Standard sandbox. The Standard sandbox contains your configuration, which is copied from your production environment and is limited to a 100,000 record subset of your data. This can be used for staff training and testing of Primo setup scenarios, new enhancements, and the integration with other systems without affecting your production environment.
    Sites may choose to upgrade to a Premium sandbox, which contains the library configuration from your Primo production environment and holds the full amount of records as per your production environment license.
    • You cannot have both a Standard sandbox and a Premium sandbox simultaneously.
    • The cloud sandbox environments are updated with the new Primo release two weeks before the general release to the production environments (refer to the exact release schedule published by Ex Libris).
    • The configuration can be copied from your Primo production environment or copied to your Primo production environment using the export/import tools (see Primo Tools).
    • For more details on working with your sandbox and Alma, see Alma Sandbox Environments.


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