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    bX Hot Articles

    This enhancement integrates bX Hot Articles in the Front End UI. A link to the bX Hot Articles tile has been added above the brief results in the Front End UI. End users have the option to show or hide the list of articles, which is based on the top-ranked ISSNs (up to five ISSNs) that Primo sends to bX for comparison. If there are no ISSNs to send, bX displays generic subjects (as shown below).
    bX Hot Articles List

    Back Office Configuration

    By default, this feature is enabled and does not require any additional configuration. If you want to disable this feature, refer to Disabling bX Hot Articles.
    If you want to update the configuration settings for this feature, use the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Edit Institution page to update the following fields for your institution:
    • Hot Articles Token – Defines the token that the system uses to authenticate the bX Hot Articles service for use in Primo. By default, the system uses the primo-generic token.
      Customers who have already registered for the bX Hot Articles service or want to do so (click the Register button) can use their institution’s token instead of the generic token.
      • If you use an institutional token, Primo no longer sends the base URL of the link resolver that is defined in either the SFX or Alma Services Page URL base URL field.
      • If you do not specify a token, the system displays an authentication error message in the bx Hot Articles tile.
      Institution Wizard Page 1 of 2
    • Alma Services Page URL – Defines the base URL that bX uses to send requests to Alma via Primo. Use the following format to specify the link resolver for the dedicated Alma Services Page view:
      http://<primo server host:port>/openurl/<primo_institution_code>/<primo_view_code>?
      Institution Wizard Page 2 of 2

    Disabling bX Hot Articles

    By default, this feature is enabled and can only be disabled by removing the bX Hot Articles tile from your view’s layout.
    Removing the token via the Institution wizard only prevents the bX Hot Articles service from authenticating your institution. It will not remove the tile from the Front End.
    To disable bX Hot Articles:
    1. On the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard page, click Edit next to the relevant view.
      The Edit View Attributes page opens.
    2. For the Layout Set field, click Edit to update the customized layout for your view.
      The Layout Editor page opens.
    3. In the View drop-down list, select Brief Display to display the layout that contains the bX Hot Articles tile.
    4. In the resultsHeaderNoId - Div tile, select the following custom tile to highlight it:
      Highlight Hot Articles Tile
    5. In the Editing (tile) area, click Delete to remove the tile.
      Delete Hot Articles Tile from Layout
    6. In the Page Actions area, click Save Page.
      To re-enable bX Hot Articles, add the hotArticlesTile.jsp custom tile to the top of the resultsHeaderNoId - Div tile list.
      Page Actions - Save Page
    7. Click Continue at the bottom of the Layout Editor page.
    8. Deploy the view.
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