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    What you should know about the New Primo UI

    Notes on new UI

    1. The new UI will NOT be switched on automatically with the August release. Ex Libris does not plan to stop supporting the classic UI.

    2. The new UI can be accessed by plugging server and view parameters into the following URL: http://<server>/primo-explore/search?vid=<your_view>

    3. The New UI is NOT a new Primo version or a separate Primo instance, but rather a new Front End. The Back Office will remain the same except for minor additions to support new features. Configuration changes made to a view will affect it in both the new and the classic UI; however, aesthetic and functional changes made via the Customization Package will only affect the new UI.

    4. Starting from the November release SearchDL and DisplayDL permalinks will be redirected to the new UI if the Switch to new UI parameter has been set in the Institution Wizard in the Back Office.

    5. The new UI went Live in August with features such as the Advanced Search, Mobile View, bX recommender, and others; in the November release additional functionalities will be added, such as the Virtual Browse, Saved Queries, OvL, and more.

    More FAQs  

    For a full list please view the New UI FAQs

    Additional Information

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