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    Viewing System Status for Multi-Tenant Environments

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    Where can I view notifications about the status of my multi-tenant environment?


    Notifications from Ex Libris are posted on our System Status page:

    The status page provides a current status and a 5-day history of the status of our multi-tenant environments. It will indicate if there is downtime, a performance or other environment issue, and provide information on scheduled maintenance, including notification when Primo Service Packs will be applied to your environment.

    Once you connect to the status page, each environment is identified by an Instance name.

    For example:

    Example Primo MT Environment: Primo MT NA01
    Primo Central: PC CR01
    bX: bX CR01

    You can find the Instance names for any of your other multi-tenant environments via the Support Portal. Just login and go to the Account Assets tab, select an Asset (product), and look for the entry called “Instance name on Status page.”

    The best way to take full advantage of the System Status Page is to set up email alerts.

    To set up email alerts:

    - Click the envelope icon next to each of your instances
    - Enter your email address and institution name.
    - You and your colleagues can register individually, or create a group email address via your institutions mail system, and register that address in the System Status page.
    - After entering your email address and institution name, click the "verify subscription" button.
    - A confirmation email will be sent to the specified address.
    - To complete activation, you must click the confirmation link in this email.

    Once you are registered, any updates to the System Status page, including scheduled maintenance and Service Pack installation dates, will be sent to you directly via email.

    Additional Information

    Can’t find one of your hosted environments in the System Status Page?

    The environment you are looking for may be a Direct environment, not a multi-tenant environment. For status information on Direct environments, go to the Customer Center , find the Cloud System Status section and click “Single-tenant environments.”

    To unsubscribe from email alerts, click the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of any alert email.

    • Article last edited: 2/26/2015

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