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Turn Off Dedup and FRBR in Primo

Article Type: General

  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: All


Break existing dedup and FRBR groups; prevent dedup and FRBR in the future.




1. Change Normalization Rules for dedup section
    a. Set t to 99.
    b. Change C1 rule source from LCCN to recordid


2. Change Normalization Rules for FRBR section
    a. Set t to 99.
    b. Change K1 rule source from author to recordid


3. Save and Deploy Normalization Rule changes

4. Run the NO_HARVEST pipe with force FRBR and force dedup selected in the pipe configuration

5. Index and Hotswap


6. De-select force FRBR and force dedup in the pipe configuration

Additional Information

Recommendation: Open a case with Support to discuss options prior to executing either method of dedup to turn off dedup.

Category: Publishing platform

Subject: DeDup

  • Article last edited: 9/Jan/2016
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