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    SE control for deduped records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 2

    I have run an Aleph pipe and the following 2 records were harvested and can be searched etc. (SECONTROL=1)

    I then ran another pipe, and it deduped with the records from the first pipe.

    The problem is that now I cannot find the original records through the PNX viewer – only the deduped id. I also cannot view the source xml.

    I have looked for the records SECONTROL and it looks like after being deduped it is turns into SECONTROL=3, shouldn’t it be 101/102?

    This scenario will explain why these records get secontrol=3
    1) A record X is loaded by pipe A
    2) Index is run. Now this record can be found by the FE.
    3) A record Y, which is deduped with record X will be loaded in pipe B, and a merged record MXY is created

    Now, the FEshould be aware only of record MXY and "forget" what he knew about record X,
    The way to do so is by setting the secontrol of record X to 3.

    The PNX viewer works as follows:
    1) You cannot search for a deleted record id.
    2) Since a dedup group may exist records that are marked as deleted you can do the following:
    Search for the dedupmerged record. Then expand the result by clicking the dedup/frbr id. This will display all members (including deleted records).

    Secontrol will get 101 if dedup was created on same pipe. In this case, dedup was made from 2 different pipes, therefore secontrol=3 and not 101.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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