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    Registered for UStat, Why No Reports?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    Why, as a new UStat customer, is there nothing in the reports module after login?


    In order to see reports in UStat, the statistical data must first be loaded. This can be done in 2 different ways:

    1) SUSHI harvesting: SUSHI accounts may be configured in UStat in order to facilitate automatic monthly harvesting from vendors. This is done via the Administration > Usage Administration > SUSHI Accounts page.
    UStat supports SUSHI harvesting of Journal Report 1, R2/3/4.

    2) Manual upload: Statistical files can be downloaded from the vendors and uploaded manually to UStat. This is done via the Administration > Usage Administration > Uploaded Files page.
    UStat supports manual upload of Journal Report 1, R2/3/4, and Database Report 1, R2/R3.

    Additional Information

    We encourage you to review the UStat User’s Guide, available via the Documentation Center in the UStat>Product Documentation directory.

    The Ex Libris Learning Center also offers an introductory session on UStat that is available without a Learning Center Subscription – just go to:

    • Article last edited: 8/9/2014

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