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Records for a resource type not showing in a tab

Product: Primo

  • Product Version: All versions
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local


  • Article last edited: 31-Jan-2017


    In a newly created tab, only records for books are displaying. Other resource types exist, and should be displaying in this tab.


    When a new tab is created, no resource types are automatically assigned to the tab.


    When there are no resource types selected, Primo defaults the search to only books, so videos, articles, and other resource types don't appear.


    To correct this:


    1) Go the the Ongoing configuration Wizards and then to the Views Wizard.


    2) Determine which is the correct view for the new tab, and click on the "edit" button for this view.


    3) Use the button in the lower right corner of each screen to "continue" to the Tiles Configuration screen.


    4) In the Center of the Tiles Configuration screen, there is a "Page" drop-down menu. The default setting is "Home Page" and this is the correct setting to make the required change.


    5) Click on the "Edit Tile" button for "Basic Search".


    6) Then, under the "Values for Resource type pre-filter drop-down" section, check "All items" for the new tab, both under Display and Default columns.


  • 7) Save the changes, using the button in the lower right.


  • 8) On the resulting screen, use the "continue" button (in the lower right) to go forward to deploy the changes. 



Additional Information

For more information about editing the Basic Search Tile, see the Edit Basic Search Attributes Page in the Views Wizard Documentation.




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