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    Primo Back Office Access for Total Care Customers

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Total Care



    Primo Total Care customers are eligible for a login to the Primo Back Office that provides access to:

    • Primo Analytics
    • File Uploader
    • UI Customization Package Manager

    This Article provides an overview of these features and links to helpful training and documentation resources.



    Primo Analytics allows you to use and create powerful reports on library activities. You can use out-of-the-box reports, or create your own reports.  Dashboards can also be created to display groups of reports that you customize.

    Training:  Primo Analytics (OBI) 
    This training video provides an overview of the new Primo Analytics reports. 

    See the  Analytics  section of Primo Documentation, which provides documents on several Primo Analytics topics.  We recommend starting with the documentation on “The Basics of Working with Primo Analytics,” and also recommend that you review “General Terminology.”

    Please note that the data is based on the centralized Data Base starting from May 2015, and the usage data from January to April 2015 is estimated data that we added in order to have full year usage trend information.


    Schedule Primo Analytics

    The Schedule Reports and Dashboards page (Primo Home > Schedule Primo Analytics) allows you to manage your report and dashboard jobs, create new jobs, modify existing jobs, and monitor the status of your jobs (using the Last Run Date and Last Run Status fields).

    Documentation:  Scheduling Analytics Jobs

    Important Note:  before Primo Analytics was available, Ex Libris would send Total Care customers a general Primo statistics report via a weekly email.  Because Primo Analytics gives you the ability to schedule email delivery of out-of-the-box reports, or reports you create, this feature replaces the weekly statistics report formerly sent by Ex Libris.



    UI Customization Package Manager

    The UI Customization Package Manager allows you to create and mange the customization packages that include the CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and image files, which allow you to change the look of the NEW Front End user interface.


    Our white paper on “Core Principles for Designing a Library Discovery Service” offers some insight into the research and planning Ex Libris has done to create the new Primo UI.  You can find it in the Primo/Product_Materials/Overview_Materials/User_Experience section of the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.

    For complete documentation on the New UI, go to: 

    (We recommend starting with the "Freqently Asked Questions" document.)

    For specific documentation on the UI Customization Package Manager, go to:


    File Uploader (for the Classic UI) 

    Use the File Uploader to update Primo Front End CSS and Static HTML files.

    Training:  Branding Primo   
    (Click File Uploader Utility link in the TOC to jump to that section of the training video)

    Documentation:  File Uploader Tool


    Important Note:  Use of the File Uploader by Total Care customers is optional, and is only recommended for customers with experience editing html and css.  Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

    1. If you are not experienced with editing html/css, we recommend submitting a Case to request assistance with CSS/html changes in your Primo UI.  Total Care customers can request basic static html and css change requests on a quarterly basis (but if large-scale modifications are required, it may be necessary to plan an implementation project as a paid service);
    2. Before uploading any modified files, make sure you have a copy of the original file(s) ready in case your changes cause display problems and you need to revert back to the last working copy;
    3. Ex Libris Support is happy to answer any questions you have about using the File Uploader, but we do not troubleshoot or support customer-created CSS/HTML files. 

    Additional Information

    If you do not have access to a Total Care login to the Primo Back Office, or if your existing Back Office login doesn't include access to Primo Analytics, please submit a Primo Case via the Support Portal and we will provide login instructions.  It may be necessary to update our firewall rules to allow you to connect to the Back Office, so please include your IP address in the Case.

    • Article last edited: 07-Mar-2016
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