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    Logging in to SAML from the new Primo authentication method results in a broken CSS and an error message

    • Product: Primo



    Users may complain of issues when logging in to SAML from the new Primo authentication method - after pressing on Login the user is being redirected to the IDP login page, but after entering the credentials is returned to Primo to an error page with a broken CSS formatting. This is a common symptom that indicates that there was a problem either with the login itself or with the redirection back to Primo, and in general should be investigated by ExLibris support; however, there is one common cause which should be checked before opening a case, and that is that the user used a DNS of Primo that doesn't have its metadata uploaded to the SAML IDP.

    The new Primo authentication method supports authentication using the SAML protocol. In order for this to be achieved, a metadata must be created and uploaded to the IDP, as explained in the following knowledge article:

    If a DNS different from the one defined under General -> General Configuration -> Sub System -> Installation -> primo_base is used, it needs to be entered in the AUTH_BASE_URL field, and the metadata should only then be created and uploaded to the IDP. If you encounter an error as described above, please check whether the Primo DNS the user used is the same as the AUTH_BASE_URL (if it's empty, check whether it's the same as the primo_base field mentioned above). Please make sure that all users are using the correct DNS for your institution.



    • Article last edited: 29-August-2016
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