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    How to build an advanced call Number (#) search for an Alma data source?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To build an advanced call Number (#) search from an Alma data source to enable searching via call number in the Front End.

    1. Go to Advanced Configuration > Full Normalization Rule Configuration > Search > new search field (e.g. lsr01) and add the following two Normalization Rules (save and deploy):
    Rule #1 (write the call # to the PNX as it is in the source):
    Type: MARC
    Field: AVA
    Subfield: d
    Transformation: Copy As Is
    So if the incoming value is "686.22 B7437m" the output will also look like this.
    Rule #2 (write the call 3 to the PNX after removing punctuation and spaces):
    Type: MARC
    Field: AVA
    Subfield: d
    Transformation: Remove Punctuation
    Transformation: Delete Spaces
    So if the incoming value is "686.22 B7437m" the output will looks like this: "68622B7437m"

    NOTE: The AVA $$k (call # type) can also be added as a condition if only a partcular call number type will be searchable (0 = Library of Congress)

    2. Renormalize the data and re-index.

    3. While #2 (above) is in process, add the following Code table Configurations to enable the call number search to display in the Advanced Search.
    Advanced Configuration > All Code Tables > FRONTEND > Advanced Index Fields (save and deploy):
    Enabled: Yes
    Field Code: lsr01
    Field Name: Call Number
    LanguageMove: en_US

    NOTE: this can also be enabled for the "Basic Index Fields".

    4. Add the following values to the Advanced Search in the Views Wizard
    Home Page > Advanced Search > Complex Search Line 1 > Search Target Fields of Advanced Search tile, under the "Create a new Search Field" section, search in the pull-down menu for the new Search Field Value (e.g. "lsr01") and click "Create".
    The new field should display.
    Click "Save & Continue" and Deploy

    5. Once steps #1 - #4 are complete users should be able to choose a "Call Number" search precision operator from the Advanced Search, enter a full or partial call number and retrieve the appropriate results.

    Additional Information

    Only users with Back Office access (e.g. Primo Direct) will be able to make these configurations.
    TotalCare customers are advised to open a SalesForce case to request these changes.

    Category: Front End - Primo

    Subject: Advanced Search - Primo

    • Article last edited: 10/16/2014
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