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    How to boost English items in the search results?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To boost English items in the search results.

    1. Go to Back Office
    2. Use Rank Booster in the Normalization Rules.
    Boost English language to '2' or higher and leave the other languages to the default '1'.
    For example, for the "ranking:booster1" field add the following rule:
    Constant: 2
    Conditions: True / True
    Type: MARC
    Field: 008
    Success if: Match Current
    Routine: Take Substring
    Parameter: 35@@3
    Transformation: Copy As Is
    Behavior: OR
    NOTE: If there is already a rule defined for "ranking:booster1", when this additional rule is added all rules must be "OR" (NOT ADD) so that only one value is written to the "booster1" field in the PNX.
    3. Save the change in the rule
    4. Save the Normalization rule set, and run "Deploy"
    5. Run re-normalization pipe to update the harvested records.
    6. Run indexing job.
    7. Check result in Primo Front End

    Additional Information

    1. Default sorting at Primo Front End is by relevance.
    English items may not have the highest relevance ranking and may display after other languages .

    2. Language Recognition feature in BO Search Engine configuration
    It doesn't boost the results in the defined default language.
    This setting is related to the Linguistic detection and features (stop words, Synonyms, etc) in Primo.
    For example if the default and locale language is 'English', and the search terms you entered include 'die', Primo takes it as a valid query word and search it in the index.
    If the default and locale language is 'German', Primo skips it as an article word.

    3. Language field in BO Search engine "Boost" configuration
    To boost 'language' field in the search engine configuration doesn't boost the English results ahead of other languages.
    It gives language field more points in the relevancy when the search engine evaluates it along with other fields title, author, or subject.

    Category: Primo FE

    Subject: Primo Search

    • Article last edited: 1/8/2015
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