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How to add or change tooltips for Primo main menu links

  • Product: Primo, Metalib
  • Product Version: 4.9.7+
  • Relevant for Installation Type:  Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local



If you add or edit links in the main menu tile by using the views wizard (as described here), the tool-tip is generated by default to match the code of the link.




You add the link named "ILL" in the views wizard:


Code "ill", Label "ILL", URL and linking behavior


--> after saving and deploying the view the link will be generated named "ILL" with tool-tip "ill".


You can add custom tool-tips by editing the code table Frontend / Header/Footer Tiles. If you have installation level access please make sure to select correct Primo institution!



The necessary row might look like this:



Code: "default.mainmenu.tooltip.ill", Label "Inter Library Loan", Language "en_US"


--> after saving and deploying the view the link will have the tool-tip "Inter Library Loan"


  • Article last edited: 05-Jan-2017
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