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    EBSCO adaptor search retrieves "An unexpected error has occurred." for some searches

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Problem Symptoms:
    - EBSCO adaptor is configured correctly in Primo
    - Some searches work and retrieve results
    - Some search terms retrieve "An unexpected error has occurred.", FE log shows:
    ERROR [t-http-bio-1701-exec-621] [c-DeliveryManager] - Type array not exists

    A defect

    Solved in version 4.8, PRM-22234:
    If the record returned by Ebsco did not include a field for the record type an error message would display in the Front end for the entire result set. This has been fixed. If the record from Ebsco has no record type it now defaults to 'other'.

    • Article last edited: 6/3/2014
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