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    Configure Syndetics for basic Primo display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4.9

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Display Syndetics thumbnails as part of basic Primo configuration

    Part 1 - Update Template
    1. Go to Advanced > Mapping Tables > Templates
    2. Customize Table
    3. In Code column, type syndetics; enter
    4. In displayed results, should be several syndetics options such as syndetics_thumb, syndetics_toc, etc.
    5. For items desired in Primo, replace CLIENT (all caps) with site's client id with Syndetics in the Templace code column. This can be identified by looking for &client=CLIENT in the code. Only the upper case CLIENT is replaced.
    6. For codes which will be unused in Primo, uncheck the 'enable' box on the left.
    7. Save
    8. Deploy

    Part 2 - PNX Links
    1. Go to Advanced > Normalization Rules > Site's ILS rules > edit
    2. Go to Section Links
    3. Each Syndetics Template is used in a single Links section field. Review the Links Fields to locate Syndetics templates. Example: syndetics_thumb is in links:thumbnail field. Edit the links: thumbnail rule to see outcome of data check in rule 2 as write constant '$$Tsyndetics_thumb'.
    4. Activate the syndetics field by checking the Enable box (to the right of Source line)
    5. Save field change
    6. Review rules for remaining Syndetics templates (syndetics_toc, Syndetics_abstracts, etc)
    6. Once appropriate Syndetics fields have been enabled, save and deploy normalization rule

    Part 3 - Re-normalize data
    1. Go to Monitor Primo Status > Pipe Monitoring
    2. Execute a No Harvest pipe for the data to renormalize without loading new data

    Additional Information

    Following completion of No-Harvest pipe, Primo will index/hotswap data the next day.

    Category: Primo

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