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    How Do Primo Central Records Work?

    • Product: Primo Central


    How Do Primo Central Records Work? 


    Primo Central records consist of three parts;

    1. Data - the records themselves

    2. Availability - fulltext/no fulltext status

    3. Delivery - links to target


    Data is controlled by the Primo Central registration site (My Profile).

    If collections are not activated here, records from these collections will not appear in Primo.

    The registration site can be accessed via:

    Primo Back Office > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard > editing your institution > clicking "My Profile" button.

    From the "My Profile" page, you can navigate to "My Client Applications" > PRIMO [xxxxxx] > Edit client resource collections. 

    This is where you will see a list of collections. Activating collections there, will cause items from these collections to appear on the Primo Front End.

    The newly activated records, however, will not be available, nor will they display any target links.

    Availability and Delivery are both controlled by items you activate in Alma/SFX.


    Resource activation information is exported into your holdings file, which is then harvested into Primo Central and used to determine whether an item will have a full text indicator.


    Once an item is in Primo, and it has a full text indicator, when the View It tab is opened data is sent to Alma/SFX in real time, and Alma/SFX present target links to the appropriate portfolios.


    Note: Data and Availability changes are harvested into Primo Central once a week which means that depending on when the change is made it might take between 7 and 10 days for them to manifest on the Primo Front End.

    Delivery is done in real time, so changes to portfolio activations will be seen immediately in the View It tab.

    Linktorsrc/Fixed availability records

    There are some Primo Central collections that do not use Alma/SFX for availability and delivery; instead they base both on the links/linktorsrc field in their PNX. If the field does not exist, the record will appear as unavailable. However, if the field exists the record will display as available and use the link in said field for delivery.


    There are two ways to determine which collections use this method; as you activate a resource you can click on "show info" for that particular collection; or you can view a complete list of collections here: "Primo Central Index Availability Delivery Method".

    Resources that are marked as using "Link in Record" are linktorsrc.


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