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    Activate Resources in the Primo Central Wizard

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo, Primo Central, Metalib
    • Product Version: 4+




    How can I enter the Registration Page for Primo Central, edit registration information and activate or de-activate collections for Primo Central Accounts?


    1. Access the Primo back-office Central Wizard by either https address or Primo back-office / Ongoing Configuration Wizard / Institution Wizard / edit institution / My Profile

    2. Check your PC KEY in Primo back-office




    3. Select ‘My Client Applications’
    4. Select correct row according to institution and product.




    5. In My Profile / View Client verify that PC KEY is correct (=same as in Product back-office)




    6. At bottom of screen,’ Edit client resource collections’

    7. Scroll through Provider list OR Search by Provider or Collection name to find resources.
    Note: Search will find Collections available under Publisher rather than provider.
    Ex. ERIC is under U.S. Department of Education rather than any provider.

    8.Collections can be activated by activating the checkbox. For ProQuest resources a message box is displayed that can be confirmed with “OK”.




    10. Use DONE at bottom of list to save changes.


    These activations will be updated once a week (each Thursday morning) and will be available the upcoming Monday.

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    • Article last edited: 10/28/2014

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